How happy and rich people made it

Happy and Rich – there’s a science behind it according to Tony Robbins.

In every field, there are rules of success that you can either break (in which case, you’ll be punished) or follow (in which case, you’ll be rewarded). For example, there’s a science to health and fitness. Biochemically, we’re all different. But there are fundamental rules you can follow if you want to thrive and have high energy. If you violate those rules, you’ll pay the consequences.

It’s the same in the financial world. The most successful investors have left a trail of clues for us to follow. By studying these patterns and applying these tools, strategies, and principles in your own life, you’re accelerating your journey to success. It’s obvious, right? Sow the same seeds as the most successful people, and you’ll reap the same rewards. That’s how you’ll achieve financial mastery.
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