Millennial careers: is this the last generation to have one?

People are starting to question the idea of a career. Millennials (ie the under 30s) are starting to wonder what all the fuss is about. (see post below).

Will Millennials be the last generation to have a career? Or is the party already over for career advisors?

millennial careers
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Millennial Careers – did we give up on them before Millennials hit the work place?

In the movie, Into the Wild, young Chris McCandless says to his older friend, “I think careers are a twentieth century invention Mr Franz, and I don’t want one.”

That movie was released in 2008, long before most millennials even had to think about careers.

I’d like to add that it’s not just millennial who are questioning careers . A few of us older folk have been doing this for a while too… like me.

Careers are a waste of a life. I’d much rather focus all my tachyons and photons on designing a lifestyle I want, then looking for the vehicle that gets me there (a lifestyle business).

They say comparison is the thief of joy. Social media apps lure us into constant comparison of our lives with other people. No matter how centered and robust you are mentally, it’s hard not to feel that twinge of inadequacy when looking at all those amazing lives filling your social media feed, isn’t it?
  • Statistica research shows that 47% of UK adults use social media every day.
I think those figures are rather low!
While most of our daily decisions appear innocent and effortless, they use up a small amount of time and brain space.
Don't confuse doing nothing with getting nothing done. Hype aside, Deep Work is just good old fashioned focus. That said, what's common sense isn't what's commonly practised.
  • In 2014, the social networking company The Draugiem Group used a time-tracking productivity app to study what habits set their most productive employees apart. Surprisingly, the top 10% of employees with the highest productivity didn’t put in longer hours than anyone else – often they didn't even work eight-hour days. Instead, the key to their productivity was that for every 52 minutes of focused work, they took a 17-minute break.
You have to practise goal setting and review every day. Turning off media is a good starting habit. I don’t watch TV. That’s nearly 3 hours freed up in my life. Plus all the crap that goes with it - like buying stuff we don’t need to impress people we don’t like (Fight Club quote).
You should consider building your day around Keystone Habits. Successful writers like John Grisham use Deep Work to stay creative even when they're not feeling it.

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