Small Habits beat Big Goals

Become a God of Small Things, start with small habits. Life can be overwhelming. We want to do as much as we can, see the world, learn new things – and it can all get a bit too much.

Setting big life goals can also be overwhelming. Rather than focusing on the “Epic Shit” i.e. the massive goals that can scare you, focus on the small things that can eventually scale up to something epic.

The key to success is simple:
  • Focus on small habits that impact bigger ones.
Be aware of decision fatigue and how it compromises your good habits.
One decision about using Facebook or choosing socks ain’t gonna stop your day, but 100 decisions down the line, you start to wear out. When you wear out, you lose motivation. Then the bad habits take over.
There's plenty of scientific studies on the effects that too much screen time has on children, but not as much for adults. We all know the answer though - too much of a good thing... Social media is one of those negative habits we need to work on first to free up time to do more important things.
Successful writers like John Grisham don't rely on motivation or inspiration to get their work done. They simply have good habits. Good habits and eliminating the need to think or decide helps Grisham and other authors achieve a state of Deep Work even when they're not feeling it.
Small things big results.

My post was inspired by this article.

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